About me

Hello, my name is Reginald Johnson, and thanks for visiting my site.

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I’m 21+ year military vet trained and experienced in team building & leading, risk identification & mitigation, operational & strategic planning, software development, data visualization, and systems engineering.

I am also a freelance full-stack developer combining React-Native on mobile, React on the web, and Amazon Web Services on the back-end. I apply my real world knowledge and experiences towards creating unique and useful projects.

I am also a habitual blogger and relentless learner. Author of the react-native-webview-quilljs and react-native-webview-leaflet JavaScript libraries and several articles on Amazon Web Services and React Native mobile development.

I am currently available for freelance development projects. I will become available for full time employment in May 2019.

If you’re active in the React Native development community, you may have run across one of my Medium blog posts on development. I typically blog about one of my open source projects or the techniques I use in creating them.

I am currently available for part-time freelance development work. I will be available full-time in the summer of 2019.